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Meet the Owner

Hi guys! I'm Kenya, and I am happily married to my favorite Pastor,  I am a mother of 4 AMAZING children, a grandmother (better know as "NANI") to one handsome grandson, and cheerfully many other things to many people.

It was no secret to those around me that I absolutely love candles. It was when I unlocked the secret to what was in most leading candles in the market, that changed everything. The harmful chemicals that most candles disperse in the air prompted me to research and discover a healthier way to enjoy the peaceful experience of candles.  I discovered all natural soy wax. I started making them for my family, and then I wanted ALL to experience this healthy option.


Why do I add inspiration to our products?


As a suicide survivor, one of the things I took away from my experience is that a little inspiration goes a long way. The uniqueness in us all is absolutely remarkable.  I am not sure everyone believes that about themselves ( as I didn't before), so  I'd like to be their reminder.  I would like, with the second chance God has given me, to spread inspiration & hope to the world. 

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he....

My heart's desire is to saturate the world with inspiration, by fueling your heart with thoughts that inspire you to become better versions of yourselves and enjoy life. This is why I include inspiration, affirmations, and/or encouragement on our products. Our brain is so POWERFUL, every time you smell the scent of your candle, you will be reminded of what you read! Our sense of smell is linked most to our emotional recollection.  Can you imagine multiple messages of inspiration, affirmations, and encouragement being spread throughout our community near and far? The positive affect it will have on the person's self love and care for themselves and one another. Oh the joy that brings.  Every time I think of a life being uplifted with hope and love, I rejoice!

Thank you for reading. Join us on our mission to spread inspiration!

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